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Bill Cunningham

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Live on Sunday Night with Bill Cunningham 10/1/2023

9-28-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses a convicted rapist being denied release with Rob Sanders, some local legal issues with Mike Allen Jr, and will Republicans and Democrats come to a budget agreement before Saturday? Chris Chemilesky debates with Willie.

9-28-23 Willie with Chris Chemilesky

Willie discusses the budget showdown in Washington DC with Chris Chemilesky.

9-27-23 Bill Cunningham News

The debate over the future of Paycor Stadium is heating up, and Paula Christian from WCPO joins Willie to discuss why building a new stadium might be the best idea. Also the situation at the southern border is getting worse, and the state of politics with Wayne Allyn Root.

9-27-23 Willie with Ali Bradley

Willie gets an update on the situation at the southern border from Ali Bradley of News Nation.

9-26-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie breaks down the big Bengals win with Dan Hoard, discusses Constitution Day with Scott Powell, and Liz Wheeler talks about the attacks on America's children by the left.

9-26-23 Willie with Dan Hoard

Willie talks with the voice of the Bengals Dan Hoard about last nights big win over the Rams, and where they go from here.

9-25-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie reviews a disastrous weekend in Tri-State sports and previews tonight's game with Mo Egger, discusses how a convicted rapist could walk free from jail with Rob Sanders, and more Bengals coverage with Dave Lapham.

9-25-23 Willie with Dave Lapham

Willie discusses tonight's matchup featuring the Bengals taking on the Los Angeles Rams, and Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's relationship with Mr. Bengal Dave Lapham.

Live on Sunday Night with Bill Cunningham 9/24/2023

How much longer will Biden be President? Is the country ready for President Harris? God may only give us one more chance to save this country next November. Willie speaks to Wayne Allyn Root, The GREAT Sean Hannity, and Scott Powell.