North Carolina Bake Shop Serves The Best Slice Of Pie In The State

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Is there anything better than a slice of your favorite pie? Whether you prefer a chilled key lime or classic warm apple pie, the sweet treat is the perfect addition to any meal or even just an indulgent snack.

Yelp looked at restaurants and bakeries around the country in search of the best pies around, compiling a list of the top spot in each state where you can grab a delicious slice. According to the site:

"We identified businesses in the food category on Yelp with a large concentration of reviews mentioning 'pie,' then ranked those spots using a number of factors, including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning 'pie.'"

So where can you find the best pie in North Carolina?

The Batchmaker Batch House

Located in Charlotte, The Batchmaker Batch House has the best pie in the Tar Heel State, with the oatmeal cream earning the title of featured flavor. With 5 out of 5 stars and over 120 reviews on Yelp, The Batchmaker has plenty of flavors to choose from, including chocolate bourbon pecan, apple caramel crumble and key lime to name a few.

The Batchmaker is located at 901 Berryhill Road in Charlotte.

Check out Yelp's blog to find more of the best spots to find pie around the country.

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