Polar Bears Invade Russian Town

Officials in Russia were forced to declare a state of emergency this past weekend in response to an unsettling number of polar bears that have invaded a town in Siberia. According to a local media report, an astounding 52 of the creatures have been observed in the community of Belushya Guba which sits on a remote archipelago known as Novaya Zemlya. The occasional appearance of polar bears in the area is not a particularly new phenomenon, but this specific incursion has seemingly reached a tipping point for beleaguered residents due to the sheer number of animals that have descended upon the town.

In a statement issued by authorities regarding the state of emergency, they noted that "the people are scared. They are frightened to leave their homes and their daily routines are broken." The pesky polar bears have not only been seen scavenging through dumpsters in search of food, but have now begun venturing into buildings and houses looking for something to eat. Coupled with that brazen behavior is what appears to be an increase in aggression from the hungry creatures towards residents who are unfortunate enough to encounter them.

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