North Carolina Eatery Named One Of America's Best New Restaurants

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New restaurants pop up all over the country ever year, and while some don't always stand the test of time, others become a household name.

To celebrate some of the new spots that have opened up over the past year, Eater compiled a list of the country's best new restaurants, and one spot in North Carolina made the exclusive list.

"Amid an unprecedented crisis, chefs, bakers, and operators imagined new ways for diners to revel in the pleasure of a good meal and a shared experience — even if that meant doing so outside or via takeout containers," said Hillary Dixler Canavan, restaurant editor, Eater.

So which North Carolina eatery is one of the best new restaurants in the country?

Fonda Lupita

Located in Sanford, southwest of Raleigh, Fonda Lupita has been serving up homestyle Mexican cuisine in small town America since March 2020. This North Carolina eatery joins 10 other restaurants around the country in bigger cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

"Chef-owner and her family prepare earthy tamales and peppery menudo on an ever-rotating menu that highlights cuisine from her mother's home of Querétaro, Mexico," said Eater Carolinas editor Erin Perkins, adding, "If it's true that a good restaurant can help define the town it's in — and it is certainly true in North Carolina — Fonda Lupita may just put Sanford on the map for having some of the most heartful cuisine in North Carolina."

Check out the full list here.

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