'Where Are You? We Need Help.' | Greensboro Mayor Tweets Duke Energy

GREENSBORO, NC (WFMY) -- A small Twitter feud ensued Saturday between Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughn and Duke Energy in regards to restoration of power. Greensboro was one of the hardest hit cities in the state and there's still more than 50,000 without electricity--for some it's day three.

Mayor Vaughn stated that she drove around Greensboro for two-hours Saturday looking for contractors removing trees and storm debris.

Duke Energy Estimates Tuesday Night Before Power Is Fully Restored

She expressed she only saw two areas where utility work was actually being done.

She ended her tweet by saying "Duke Energy where are you? We need help."

See full exchange here.

Duke Energy responded to Vaughan stating that they have 2,000 workers in the Triad with more on the way.

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