Right Now: Florence Moving Closer to Triad with Flooding Rains


We have a major flooding concern here in the Piedmont to deal with over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday will send incredibly heavy rain our way. On Saturday, the southern Piedmont is ground zero for a major flooding threat, on Sunday, that threat will shift toward the Foothills.

Wind: Winds will peak at about 20-40 mph at times tonight Saturday, and Sunday. Locally higher gusts are possible

Rain: Although we'll see a few of the outermost rain bands tonight, the majority of the rain will hold off until Saturday & Sunday. Generally, our area should plan on 5 - 10 inches, but more than 10 inches of rain is possible in the southern Piedmont and in the Foothills.

Flooding: Flooding will be severe in some areas. Especially the southern Piedmont on Saturday, and the Foothills on Sunday.

Power Outages: Some power outages are possible, but they shouldn't be widespread.

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