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C&B Endorse American Flag Bikinis on the 4th of July

BUCK: Clay, we’re at Independence Day weekend now, so I was gonna say to everybody: First of all, can we get a permission, like a hall pass to say Fourth of July weekend? People get mad about that. I know it’s Independence Day weekend, but everyone’s used to saying Fourth of July weekend.

CLAY: People get mad about that?

BUCK: Oh, yes. They’re like, “It’s not Fourth of July, it’s Independence Day.” It’s not quite as bad as calling a magazine a clip for when you’re loading a rifle. That’s very… People get very mad about that, but the Fourth of July weekend, a lot of people say that I think we gotta be okay with that multiply I want to hear what people’s traditions are. So the number is 800-282-2882. What are you planning? Do you have any controversial July 4th plans, ideas, or theories, Clay?

CLAY: No. I love the Fourth of July.

BUCK: I mean in how you celebrate, not —

CLAY: Yeah. No, I’m thinking like … I observed some people get upset about the bathing suit, you know, like with the flag on it or something like some people are, like, anti-the flag being used on bathing suits? You ever heard that?

BUCK: Really?

CLAY: You haven’t?

BUCK: I’m down for treating an actual American flag as an actual American flag should be treated. But the print of a flag, I don’t have an issue with that.

CLAY: Yeah, I’ve heard… I’m actually curious if other people have heard this complaint or if it’s just kind of a southern thing. I am big fan of the American flag bikini on July 4th.

BUCK: Oh, Clay Travis.

CLAY: That is one of my favorite traditions of the holiday at the beach. I’m at the beach right now. I hope that a lot of women out there are saying, “God bless America” and wearing their American flag bikinis, breaking them out, getting ready for a star-spangled Fourth.

BUCK: Well done, sir.

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