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What’s Going On? Fauci Suddenly Cites Natural Immunity

CLAY: Buck, I’m down in the free state of Florida. You are still wearing your scarf, trapped in your apartment, as you attempt to recover from Omicron. Do you feel, by the way, back to 100%?

BUCK: Excuse me, sir. How do you not know this isn’t my ready-to-go face covering at a moment’s notice? You think it’s a scarf, but it could very quickly turn into a Fauci anxiety napkin at a moment’s notice, and therefore I am compliant with all this idiocy that does nothing to stop the virus. But I am prepared, sir. I feel fine. I keep calling it wimpy-cron. It’s not that bad. It’s not that bad.

CLAY: Compared to… ‘Cause I had… I was fortunate neither time that I had covid. I had it in November 2020, and I just had what we believe is the Omicron version last week. I’m back 100%. You feel like this version — ’cause you had it pretty severe the first time, this version of covid. I mean, it wasn’t… You and I both had really bad colds. People could hear it on the radio in November. It was not covid. This is a pale approximation even of that cold we had earlier in the winter-fall, right?

BUCK: Oh, it was. Whatever that upper respiratory thing was, people listening to this show know — you had it, then I had it. Weren’t in the same city but it was spreading across the country. That was way worth than what we had here with Omicron. I just… There’s something funky going on here because they say it’s all Omicron across the country and they say it’s far less lethal. But we have 1,800 deaths a day. So are 1,800 people a day dying of Omicron? Is that what we’re supposed to believe? That doesn’t seem like it’s far, far less lethal than Delta. So is it the 5% of cases that are still out there are Delta are causing 95% — I’m making up those numbers — of deaths?

CLAY: No, no. You’re asking a really significant question, which is: If Omicron is so much less deadly, how is it that we are still having nearly 2,000 deaths a day attributed to covid? I think one answer is a lot of those deaths are not covid deaths, right? And we’re starting to see… If the state of New York, for instance, is gonna come out and say, “Hey, half of the people that are — roughly half of the people that are — hospitalized for covid are there with covid,” meaning, they weren’t actually being hospitalized with covid…

And I think, Buck, what you’re going to see is there’s gonna be more and more of an examination of these numbers ’cause, as you’re pointing out, if Omicron –which is reportedly 98 or 99% of all covid infections now. If it is actually the cause of these people being in the hospital, then you wouldn’t expect for covid death rates to continue to be around 2,000 a day, which is where we are right now.

BUCK: I think I saw… Wasn’t the most…? Do you remember what when they kind of amplified…? They took a look at what the mortality rate was of covid — of Delta covid — versus Omicron. I think it was at least considered 10 times less lethal, right? Wasn’t that the number? Something along those lines based on the early data? Again, folks, I’m going off of memory, there’s a lot of numbers changing; so please don’t take that as gospel. But I’m just trying to…

I mean, they definitely said for a while, that South African epidemiologist who discovered Omicron, the initial data was that nobody was dying in South Africa from Omicron. They were only dying from Delta. So there’s just some things here with the numbers that don’t add up. And, you know, Clay, I had mentioned before when we had Senator Rand Paul on this, and I just wanted to remind folks about it, because I think this is gonna end up being very, very significant.

But there is data from the General Hospital of San Francisco — a very big, very skeerse medical institution — that suggests that we’re not getting the full picture here of what’s really happening with covid infections and mortality across the country. Here’s what he put out on his Substack. Did you see the Substack, the one I’m talking about?

CLAY: I looked it up after you told me about it.

BUCK: Yes, 72% — again, this is Alex Berenson’s data. But has anyone ever said his data is wrong, folks? You ever had him had to come on and say, “Yeah, those numbers, those were fraudulent numbers”? Never happened. At least not that I’m aware of. Seventy-two percent of covid patients at San Francisco General Hospital are vaccinated, okay? Twenty-six percent of them — so almost a third — are boosted, and the total numbers he has for covid-positive patients for San Francisco General Hospital: 19 unvaccinated, 32 vaccinated with the first two doses, 18 boosted — and covid positive but not admitted for covid, 23. There’s no way this “pandemic of the unvaccinated” thing, the numbers don’t add up, Clay.


BUCK: It just doesn’t add up, and Rand Paul basically said, “How many seniors are there out there who are unvaccinated at this point?” We’ve been advocating for every senior to get vaccinated, and what is it now, over 95%?

CLAY: Five percent, roughly, of people over 65 are unvaccinated. And, Buck, I want to play this cut from Fauci. But what’s interesting going on right now is you have an acknowledgment from CDC — which they refused to talk about forever — that natural immunity starting in October of 2021 was better at protecting people from severe outcomes from the Delta strain than was the covid vaccine.

And you’ve already had the Pfizer CEO come out and say (paraphrased), “Hey, basically the first and second shot of our covid vaccine provides limited, if any, protection against Omicron.” And so now you’ve got Fauci is optimistic, Buck, and maybe this is just Fauci recognizing… I thought it was really interesting in hour 1 what did Rand Paul tells, Buck?

He said that he thought Fauci would resign as soon as the midterms happened, because he would know that with Republicans back in control in the House and back in control potentially in the Senate, that he was going to be grilled on all of the improprieties involving his gain-of-function researcher, American tax dollars, his relationships with China.

He thought he would run for the hills by November of 2022. But it’s interesting if you listen to this clip in conjunction with what Rand Paul just said, it’s like Fauci is starting to think, “Hey, maybe I can claim victory and go ahead and retire,” and this time he’s citing natural immunity — I don’t remember this ever happening before — as one of the reasons for his optimism. Listen to this, Buck.

FAUCI: The combination of vaccinated and boosted people ,and the protection afforded by prior infection, will have a level of protection in the community so that you won’t get the situation where there’s enough activity which leads to hospitalizations, deaths, and stressing the health care system — which, in fact, answers a bit of your first question. “What about Omicron if you get infected can you get infected again?” Sure, there are reinfections, but it is unlikely that if you mount a good immune response, it is extremely unlikely that you will be reinfected with the same variant.

CLAY: So Fauci suddenly finds natural immunity and recognizes that it’s likely to lead us out of what has been a two-year absurdity of constant cycles of masking up and unmasking and then your kids candid be in school and lockdowns and you have to wear and behave in this manner. I really do believe that if Omicron is spreading as we believe it is, that by the summer it’s gonna be hard to justify very many restrictions at all, and we might be right back to where we were in May of 2021, when you remember with great fanfare the CDC came out and said, “If you get the vaccine, you no longer have to wear masks,” and that fun lasted what, Buck, about 60 days before they came back and said, “Actually, put masks on again”?

BUCK: Yeah, and I think this is the problem Democrats are gonna run into in the midterms. They’re gonna want to make it seem like they’ve beaten the virus. They’re gonna want to go with the “we’re past it now” narrative. But in the background, they’re not gonna get rid of masks on planes, I can tell you that. Not before the midterms. No, sir, ’cause they still have their base terrified about all this stuff. I mean, irrationally terrified of covid.

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