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New Video Hints Saudi Arabia Helped Plan 9/11. Why Release It NOW?

Shocking video from 1999 was recently unsealed in a lawsuit by families of 9/11 victims. The video has been in the possession of the FBI and it shows a man filming locations in Washington, DC. The man, who the FBI has identified as a Saudi intelligence agent, discusses a “plan” that required the scouting. So, was the FBI aware of Saudi involvement in 9/11? And why was this footage released NOW?! Well, Glenn has a theory: Saudi Arabia is threatening to end the petrodollar? So, is this a threat from the United States in response? If so, Glenn says, “this is another step towards global war.”

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GLENN: Yeah. Now, I want to take you down a road.

I want to take you to a 60 Minutes report that just was released. And it shows a videotape that was made in 1999. Listen.


Saying, translated. Oh, beloved. Brothers. Reading to you, from Omar Al-something or another.

We great you, the esteemed brothers, and welcome you to Washington, DC. Washington, the American Capitol City.

And we come back once more to this building, whose name I do not know as of yet.

However, I will provide you with the results soon.

I will get over this, and I will report. I will report to you in detail, what is there. He is showing the Washington monument now.

No comment here.

Because I did not know this place exactly. And that's the front of the Smithsonian building. I am transmitting this, only what I see, their cars. Who are they?

You said, you said, that this was needed for the plan, or something like that. I couldn't read it fast enough, but he talks about the plan.

Now, there's a whole 60 Minutes, and we'll tweet it out for you. Whole 60 Minutes episode, or segment on this videotape. And this has just been released.

Now, the 9/11 investigators, one in Phoenix.

And one, I don't remember where the other one was.

Were talking about how this tape has been known.

We've had it. We've had it.

And it was just buried.

And the 9/11 victim's families, got access to this, for their trial against Saudi Arabia.

But it was still quiet!

Nothing happened. Why are they releasing this tape now? Why would the United States government release a piece of 9/11 evidence, 23 years after 9/11?

Why would they hold that, and just now release it? There's no such thing as a coincidence, by the way. This isn't just like, oh, you know what, I was going through a box of tapes in my closet. And I just found this.

It's not that. What is it?

Let me tell you a little bit of history, first. I open up -- I think it's episode number three of my new podcast on history. The Beck story.

Telling the story of black Tom. I've told this story before.

But if you really want to hear the whole -- the whole story on it, you just listen to the -- the podcast.

But black Tom was a place in New Jersey that was making armaments. And it was a -- a storage depot and a shipping depot. Where they would get all the armaments. They would make some there. They would gather armaments from all over the country. And then they would put them on a ship in New Jersey. And they would ship it overseas, for World War I, before it was declared World War I.

It was about 1916. 1915. 1916. And the Germans didn't want us making munitions.

They didn't us to be involved in the war. And the munitions were killing them. Literally.

So they sent a bunch of spies over.

And they targeted a bunch of different places. One of those, was the black Tom factory.

Well, it was just a couple of miles away from the Statue of Liberty.

The Germans went in, at night. Set it on fire. And the first explosion happened, I don't know. 11 o'clock, maybe at night. And it registered a 5.5 on the Richter scale.

Okay? Every piece of glass was broken for I think 2 miles, 3 miles. The shock wave was unbelievable.

Then a few hours later, another part of the black Tom. Because it was burning out of control.

Another part took off. And this was explosion after explosion after explosion. And shelves were being launched. Because of the fire.

One pierced the skin of the Statue of Liberty. And if you've ever wondered, why we can't walk up the arm of the Statue of Liberty, and go stand on the torch. It's because of the Black Tom explosion.

It shook the Statue of Liberty so hard, the arm came loose. And started to lose its strength. So no one has been allowed up in the arm, since the Black Tom explosion. So this was a very big thing.

Wilson, however, blamed it on the manufacturers, blamed it on big business. Blamed it on people that didn't care about their workers. Didn't care about the community, et cetera, et cetera. Even though, that he knew it was Germans. But this was right before the election.

He was promising America, we wouldn't get into war. So he held his tongue on it. And he blamed it on others. And said, well, we're investigating still.

Well, the investigation, the end of the investigation was announced. In 1941!

They announced the investigation and the results of the investigation, with FDR saying, you -- you may remember that black Tom, well, we did investigations on it, at the time. And we found that it was German sabotage.

And now, we have the Japanese among us. And we're worried, about Japanese sabotage.

So we need to round them up!

So news that was about 25, 35 years old, or so.

Was now being brought up again by another president, and applying it to something else.

Now, let me ask you again: Why is this video being released now?

So, Stu, do you have a theory as to why?

STU: I mean, want really.

It's such an out of nowhere story.

GLENN: Yeah. Do you have a theory why it was held?

STU: I mean, protection is the thing that would come to mind. Is it that simple though?

GLENN: Protection for what?

STU: I mean, the Saudis? The relationship there?

GLENN: You're -- you're starting to. You're warm up.

STU: Okay.

GLENN: What does our relationship provide?

STU: I mean, many things, right? I mean, the -- the stated thing, of course, being protection against terrorism and such. But also, of course, resources and stability in that region. At some level.

And --

GLENN: What is the main thing we get from Saudi Arabia?

STU: I mean, energy is --

GLENN: Uh-uh. The petrodollar.

When we went off the gold standard, we made a deal with Saudi Arabia. Because people were starting to say, I'm getting off the dollar. This is not stable. They're going to spend into oblivion. So we made a deal with Saudi Arabia, and said, you make sure that all oil in the world is sold with US cash only!

That -- that made the whole world say, I've got to have a reserve of US currency, if I want to have oil. Okay?

What happened just a few weeks ago? They're getting off the petrodollar.


They're starting to side with Russia.

And they're getting off the petro dollar.

This is us, going and now setting up war, not necessarily with Saudi Arabia. But if our finance -- financial house collapses, and it collapses today, because there's no shock to anything. It's just a house of cards. And it blows over. Everyone will point the finger and say, see. These policies suck.

You destroyed the country. However, if we have an emergency. If we have a plague, if we have war! Well, then it's the war's fault.

It was Russia's fault. Remember? The gas prices were Russia's fault. Not his fault. Russia's fault.

STU: Putin price hike.

GLENN: Putin price hike.

This is sending a shot over the Saudi bough.

STU: And so this is essentially us saying, hey.

We have this --

GLENN: You want to play this game.

We'll play this game.

STU: Of course, when you have that type of relationship, and, you know, ammunition that you're hold. It's a scary place when you start using it.


The point of it is the threat of it. Right? Right?

You don't want to be using it.

GLENN: You never use it.

STU: You're far down the road if you're using it.

And that's terrifying.

GLENN: Correct. And the winner, the winner never has to use that stuff.

The winner is, that's all right.

You go ahead. You go ahead, take your shot.

I'll wipe you out.

And we're taking a shot.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: Is Saudi Arabia saying, that's okay?

We're part of BRICS now.

When we'll dump all of your treasuries.

And we'll wipe you out. Go ahead.

Play this game!

This is another step towards war.

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