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Alex Jones Explains the Real Reason Infowars is Shutting Down

Alex Jones’ bankruptcy trustee has laid out a plan to shut down Infowars and liquidate his assets in order to pay some of the $1.5 billion he owes to Sandy Hook families. But Alex joins Glenn as a guest to explain why he believes it was never about the money. It was always about stopping his speech. So, why is he now planning to shut down Infowars? Alex explains why he agreed to this liquidation plan, why he’s refusing to be silenced, what he plans to do next, and how all this lawfare they’re using against him may soon be turned on the rest of us …


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GLENN: So there's a new story out today, from the Associated Press.

US bankruptcy court trustee is planning to shut down conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' Infowars media platform, and liquidate its assets to help pay the $1.5 billion in lawsuit judgments Jones owes for repeatedly calling the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a hoax.

In an emergency motion, filed Sunday, in Houston, trustee Christopher Murray indicated publicly for the first time, that he intends to conduct an orderly wine down of the operation of Infowars, a parent company, and liquidate its inventory.

Jones has been saying on his website with radio shows, he believes InfoWar will operate for a few more months before it's shut down because of the bankruptcy. Murray also asked the U.S. bankruptcy judge, Christopher Lopez, to put an immediate hold on the Sandy Hook family's efforts to collect the -- how are you going to get $1.5 billion?

To collect the massive amount Jones owes them. Murray said, those efforts would interfere with their plans to close down the parent company.

Free speech systems in Austin, Texas. And sell out the assets, which much of the proceeds would go to the families.

On Friday, the lawyers for the parents in Connecticut asked a judge in Texas to order free speech systems to turn over to the families, certain assets, including the money in the bank accounts and garnish its accounts.

Judge Maya Guerra Gamble approved the request, prompting Murray is to have an emergency motion. Alex Jones is here to give us a comment, on this. Hello, Alex.

ALEX: Glenn, thanks for having me on. You know, this is very historic.

The, quote, families who are represented by high-powered Democrat Party law firms, the same ones suing Elon Musk right now for defamation. Different plan, but same lawyers. They went on CNN last week, said we do not want money, we want it immediately closed -- the door is closed. They don't want to sell the millions of dollars of inventory, books, belts, T-shirts, supplements, water filters.

They don't want any -- they want to immediately shut down, and they said because we want to stop his speech. They actually said that on CNN.

If you want me to accepted you the clip.

It's just outrageous how transparent this is. And, again, in Texas and Connecticut in both show trials, two years ago, both judges found me guilty of failure to get any discovery.

But we gave them everything. There was no evidence of what we said they did.

Instead, both judges found me guilty in default, and then had the juries decide how guilty I was.

Then put on evidence, that I had $400 million in the bank. I didn't have 5 million in the bank. All of it was total disinformation.

I was not allowed to put on defense. I was not allowed to respond. People that watched the hearings said, why don't his lawyers defend him? Well, they weren't allowed to.

So this is a very dangerous, very, very oppressive setting. And they've now publicly admitted, we don't want money. We want to shut him down.

So they went and filed a few weeks ago, totally just shut the doors. So I said, fine. I will do an orderly liquidation. That way, the stuff actually gets sold off. The employees might get some severance. They can work for somebody else.

They're not going to silence me. So they immediately ran to the same judge that found me guilty without a jury trial in Texas, and just in a summary hearing, no evidence. Said, boom, seize all the assets. So now the federal trusty is in a fight with them, trying to block them today, grabbing the bank accounts and having the sheriff's departments in order, come and lock the doors. So everybody is already -- got stuff out the building weeks ago.

And remember, when I told people, that they had filings to do this, the media said, oh, it's a conspiracy theory. Nobody wants to silence him. The corporate establishment media. They -- that the leftest media is -- it's always just deny reality.

And then turn around the next day and admit it was actually true. So, Glenn, I really appreciate you having me on to talk about this. Because again, people ask how I'm taking it. This is a big, big deal. Not just for me, but for the whole country. The whole world. They've admitted in the Wall Street Journal. The New York Times. CNN. Everywhere. That they will use this precedent against me and lawfare against everybody else.

So they use you as the beta test to kick the number one talk show host in the world politically at the time. You off of Fox. Using a bunch of threats and misinfo and going after sponsors. And then now they're beta testing lawfare with me. And again, I'm guilty of plenty of stuff. I made plenty of mistakes. But I did not say 99 percent of what I said. But I couldn't defend myself. They entered 22 minutes of video. And both trials were coordinated in Connecticut and Texas. Twenty-two minutes is all they ever had of me talking about it.

They had three times. With callers calling and saying, yeah. I think it's totally staged. I never sent everybody on their houses.

No evidence was given. Nobody went to their houses. Nobody peed on graves. It was literally just like saying, Trump said all Hispanics are criminals, and that white supremacists are nice people.

He never said those things. But the media creates this illusion. That that's the case. And when I was totally kicked off the air. For some radio stations tearing up my platforming. That started five years ago. I couldn't respond anywhere. When they were bombarding me, sometimes on every nightly news channel, hundreds of publications, saying things I never said. I wasn't able to respond. So that's what was so scary.

GLENN: So, Alex, which one do you want to happen then?

The liquidation, the orderly exit.

Or -- I mean, which one is good for you? Either?

ALEX: Absolutely. Well, that's what happened two Fridays ago in court. They filed in court, and told the judge, we want him closed today. And the rogue CRO admitted to the judge in court. That indeed he tried to lock the doors and kick me out.

And the judge told him ten times. Ten. Mr. Jones the owner under law. So you can't do that. But as soon as I declared personal seven, two weeks ago, I accepted the judge appointing this federal liquidator, because that was my on me last move. To get a few months on an orderly shutdown. So that's exactly what's happening. So I agreed to this two Fridays ago. The media basically didn't even report on it. And then when he announced the liquidation a few days ago, the media reported that he was liquidating me.

I agreed to that. Because it's the only thing I can do, other than just let them put padlocks on the doors today.

GLENN: Now. You don't get anything either way. Right?

They take whatever they can of yours. By declaring bankruptcy. Does this now end your battle for the $1.5 billion judgment?

ALEX: No. Because both of the state courts said that I made a malicious intent to hurt people. Which, of course, wasn't true.

And the law is clear, you have to have a full jury trial to do that. That's why both in Connecticut and in Texas, I -- I have filed appeals. The word is, we will win on both of them. Because these were not real trials that were conducted.

Just like the Supreme Court ruled yesterday. That you have to have a unanimous jury on a criminal thing.

Which will, of course, overturn Trump's New York thing. It's the same thing here. This is 100 percent cut and dry. Their plan is to take all my money away so that I cannot continue the appeals. But I've already prepaid the appeals. I've already got good lawyers on the appeals. And I will just leave it at this.

The word is, they will both be shut down in Connecticut and in Texas. So this has been kind of a race to just get me off the air in the meantime, for this election.

GLENN: Alex, best of luck. We will keep track of the story. Thank you so much.

Alex Jones.

You bet. He is right about one thing.

Judicial warfare, law fare, is the thing of the future now.

Stu will tell you, he can't do a monologue today.

He can't do a show he was going to do. Because of the amount of litigation that we are now facing at the Blaze.

We can't use sound. There's several stories that we wanted to cover. And we have covered the important ones. But you can tell the story, much better when you have them on tape, saying it.

But now, for some strange reason, all fair use and he went else has gone out the window.

Shockingly right before the election, where we can't play people from the campaign trail, saying things to the American people. Wow!

That's interesting. And the litigation is just getting overwhelming. Especially if you don't have the -- the pockets that TheBlaze has.

There's going to -- they will put a lot of people right out of business. With -- with law fare.

That's real. And that's why, I want to make sure I'm pointing out what's happening to Alex. As he said, he made a lot of mistakes.

He did a lot of stupid things. We all have. And, you know, a 1.5. It was in the trillions.

If I remember right, it was like $2 trillion. And then they brought it down to 1.5 billion.

Like that -- like that judgment is -- is even possible for anybody, who is in the media. Anybody.

We don't make billions of dollars. That -- that shuts you down for the rest of your life.

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