Watch: Bizarre One-Eyed Albino Baby Shark Discovered in Indonesia

A group of fisherman in Indonesia were absolutely astonished when they cut open a catch and discovered a bizarre, one-eyed albino baby shark inside the creature. The shocking find was reportedly made on October 10th as a crew of anglers were working on the waters of the country's Maluku province. Upon pulling in a large adult shark, they proceeded to slice the fish open in order to remove its gut and, in the process, they discovered the jaw-dropping oddity.

"We found three babies inside its stomach, but one of them looked strange with only one eye," recalled one of the fishermen, "its color was strange too, like milk." Perhaps sensing that no one would believe their story, the fishermen managed to take several pictures of the incredible-looking creature which had, sadly, perished before they had found it. Experts say that explanation for the shark's remarkable and incredibly rare appearance is that it had both albinism and cyclopia.

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