Video: Massive 'Mothership' Cloud Forms Over City in New Mexico

Residents of a city in New Mexico may have suspected that an alien invasion was about to begin when a massive shelf cloud resembling a 'mothership' formed in the sky. The spooky scene, which was reportedly captured on film by astounded onlooker Christian Hernandez, reportedly unfolded last Tuesday evening in the community of Clovis. "The sunset was beautiful," he marveled, "as a stunning mothership cloud moved closer into town that evening."

Of course, the 'mothership' was actually a natural meteorological event known as a shelf cloud rather than a craft filled with ravenous extraterrestrials seeking retribution for whatever happened at Roswell. Such formations usually occur as a thunderstorm is sweeping across the sky and the clouds come together to form an ominous-looking line. Occasionally shelf clouds will spawn tornadoes, however in this instance Clovis was spared from such an incident and the community suffered no damage from the storm.

Check out the amazing video of the breathtaking event at the Coast to Coast AM website.