Man Electrocuted To Death In Jacuzzi At Seaside Resort In Mexico

Awesome water view with hot tub in summer evening.

Photo: irina88w / iStock / Getty Images

A Texas man vacationing at a resort in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, was killed in a freak accident on Monday (June 10). Authorities said that Jorge Guillen and Lizette Zambrano were relaxing in the hot tub at Sonoran Sea Resort when they were electrocuted.

According to the Daily Mail, a witness told the police that she noticed the couple had been in the hot tub for a while and weren't moving. When she went to check on them, she received an electric shock when she entered the water.

Jorge was killed by the electrical shock, while Lizette suffered electrical burns and was taken to the hospital with life life-threatening injuries.

A video captured the aftermath of the electrocution, showing a group of people standing around the jacuzzi as somebody attempted to perform CPR on one of the victims while the other victim was floating in the jacuzzi tub.

The Mexican State of Sonora General Prosecutor's Office has launched an investigation into the incident, which appeared to be caused by faulty wiring.

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