This Is The Best Outdoor Activity In North Carolina

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North Carolina one of the most beautiful states in the country. With its endless miles of hiking trails, bodies of water perfect for boating or fishing, and mountain views sure to take your breath away, there is no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Travel Pulse compiled a list of the best outdoor activity in each state, including a fun endeavor in North Carolina. According to the site:

"The United States has a wide array of outdoor activities for all activity levels. And each state is known for some spectacular sites. So whether you're interested in birding, stargazing, hiking, mountain biking or whale watching – [the list has] a can't miss adventure in each state."

So what outdoor activity was named the best in North Carolina?


According to the site, hiking is the best outdoor activity in North Carolina, following other states like neighboring South Carolina and Virginia. Given that the state is also home to popular mountain trails and parks, it's no surprise hiking took the top spot.

Here's what Travel Pulse had to say about the best outdoor activity in North Carolina:

"One of the nation's best-kept secrets with unique geography and varying terrain, North Carolina provides countless outdoor recreation opportunities. Much of its awe-inspiring natural beauty can best be appreciated on food, whether it's a day hike at any of the state's four national forests, 10 national parks or 41 state parks; or a thru-hike on a long-distance trail, like The Tar Heel State's famous Appalachian Trail or Mountains-to-Sea Trail. While exploring the state's well-preserved wildlands, you may even come across one of its hundreds of breathtaking cascades and waterfalls."

Check out the full list here.

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