This Restaurant Has The Best Salad In North Carolina

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Salads. Gone are the days of a few pieces of lettuce drowned in dressing. Now there are endless possibilities for toppings and dressings that will take what used to be an appetizer and turn it into a full meal.

Sometimes you may find yourself looking for a hearty meal while other times you might be craving a lighter, leafier option. Using Yelp reviews and local publications, Eat This, Not That! searched through highly-recommended restaurants to determine the best salad in each state, including a spot outside of Raleigh.

"Salads are a great way to get creative with flavors while still sticking to nutritious values. ... Whether it's for weight loss, dietary restriction, or simple cravings, eating salad is always in style."

So what salad was named the best in all of North Carolina?

Roasted Root Salad at Fount Coffee & Kitchen

The Roasted Root Salad at Fount Coffee & Kitchen in Morrisville is filled with delicious veggies like sweet potatoes, beets and turnips along with orange, toasted pumpkin seeds and hemp hearts. For more information on Cafe 4, check out the website. Here's what Eat This, Not That! had to say about the best salad in the state:

"If you need a reason to stop in North Carolina, make it this salad. The roasted root salad is a strong choice over all others because 'the kale is massaged so well to make it easier to digest,' reviewer say. With a solid green base and bright mixed toppings, your stomach is sure to be satisfied with your choice."

To see the full list of the best salad in each state, check out the report here.

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