7-Year-Old Chapel Hill Student Keeps Mask On For School Picture Day

Photo: Getty Images

School picture days are a great way for parents to document their children as they grow up. While most photos showcase toothless smiles or goofy grins, one young student at a North Carolina school made sure his school picture will be remembered in a different way.

Ray Sanchez, a second grade student at Frank Porter Graham Elementary School in Chapel Hill, has a big heart, according to his family, even telling each family member he loves them before he goes to sleep, WRAL reports. So it's no surprise to them that he does his best not to get sick and spread COVID-19.

This fact was recently captured during his school picture day. While normally picture days are a way to memorialize your smile in a yearbook or photos for family, Ray's was hidden. When his mom, Juanita Chavez, asked how picture day went, she learned that the 7 year old decided to keep his mask on for the photo. Check out the photo here.

"He had picture day on a Friday, and when I picked him up from school, I asked him ... how he smiled when [the] picture was taken," she said. "He replied, 'Mom, I ain't trying to get no coronavirus on picture day.'"

According to the news outlet, Chavez couldn't even be mad, instead she just kept laughing. And, of course, they had to buy the photo.

"My son made my whole year with those pictures," she said.

Ray isn't the only young student keeping his mask on for photos. A 6-year-old boy's photos went viral after he told the school photographer that he would keep his mask on because he "always listens to [his] mom."

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