3 North Carolina Lake Towns Among The Best To Live In The U.S.

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In the beautiful state of North Carolina, there is no shortage of amazing lakes worth checking out. Maybe you're even looking to settle down next to the serene waters. To help narrow down that search, one website has chosen three cities in North Carolina as some of the best lake towns in the country to live in.

Stacker used 2020 data from WalletHub to determine the 46 best U.S. lake towns to live in, evaluating each on six factors: affordability, weather, safety, economy, education and health, and quality of life. While Wisconsin had the most towns on the list with eight, three in the Tar Heel State made the cut, and two are even in the Top 10.

These are the towns in North Carolina landed a spot on the list.

  • No. 44: Hope Mills
    • Affordability rank: No. 27
    • Economy rank: No. 46
    • Education and health rank: No. 44
    • Quality of life rank: No. 29
    • Safety rank: No. 38
    • Weather rank: No. 41
  • No. 9: Davidson
    • Affordability rank: No. 4
    • Economy rank: No. 5
    • Education and health rank: No. 17
    • Quality of life rank: No. 22
    • Safety rank: No. 5
    • Weather rank: No. 10
  • No. 5: Cornelius
    • Affordability rank: No. 1
    • Economy rank: No. 16
    • Education and health rank: No. 7
    • Quality of life rank: No. 17
    • Safety rank: No. 15
    • Weather rank: No. 6

Here are the Top 10 best lake towns to live in:

  1. Traverse City, Michigan
  2. Folsom, California
  3. Redmond, Washington
  4. Holland, Michigan
  5. Cornelius, North Carolina
  6. Kirkland, Washington
  7. Mercer Island, Washington
  8. Rocky River, Ohio
  9. Davidson, North Carolina
  10. Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Check out the full list here.

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