Couple Survives 'Nightmare' After RV Slides Down North Carolina Mountain

If you've never driven through the winding mountain roads, it could seem intimidating. Add ice and freezing temperatures on top of that, and it's an accident waiting to happen. That is exactly what happened to one couple from Florida who are thankful to be alive after their RV slipped down the side of a mountain in North Carolina.

Earlier this year, Shirley Ann May and Wayne May decided to take a honeymoon RV trip to the mountains in Todd to celebrate their recent wedding, WCNC reports. They arrived in during the night, and the twisting roads were icy and dangerous. That's when they lost control of the RV.

According to the Mays, the RV began slipping backwards down the mountain, falling about 80 feet. Shirley Ann remembers how scared she felt at the time.

"As we're sliding backward, I felt the panic setting in," she said. "I said, 'honey, get us off the road, get us off the road!'"

She said, "I was petrified. My nightmares were coming true."

Wayne managed to block the RV from falling any further and the two called AAA to help pull the vehicle back to the road, per WCNC, calling their savior, tow truck operator Jason Miller, "an angel in disguise." Once rescued, the Mays quickly left the mountains.

After the traumatic event, the couple has no plans to return to the mountains anytime soon.

Photo: Getty Images