Greensboro man surveys damage at his Holden Beach vacation home

HOLDEN BEACH, N.C. — A Greensboro man went to his beach house in Brunswick County to secure his home before the storm, but his efforts were no match for Isaias.

Still, Michael Staley counts himself lucky. He lives in Greensboro but has a vacation home on Holden Beach. 

"The water came up a lot higher than I thought it would," he explained in his Facebook live overnight during the eye of the storm.

"It was a pretty crazy storm, there's trash everywhere," he said. "A boat washed up {in the backyard}." Staley said the storm surge was the worst of it.

"You could hear the horns blowing, just random lights flashing on cars, headlights cutting on and off," he said of all the commotion. "My neighbor over there they lost two cars, the neighbor across the street from me got two wet cars."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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