What is Triad Health Center?

Triad Health Center (THC) is a natural wellness center founded by Dr David Schwartz and his wife Elise Schwartz.  THC opened its doors on January 7, 2013 and has become the fastest growing clinic in Greensboro. THC utilizes the 5 Essentials of Health and the Maximized Living healthcare delivery system to bring optimal and cutting edge care to their community.  

Triad Health Center is the Triad’s source for Maximized Living!

Who is Dr Dave Schwartz?

Dr Schwartz is a professionally trained and licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr Schwartz received his education from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   Dr Schwartz has passed all National Board examinations required by the State of North Carolina. He receives 24 hours of continuing education every year.

Dr Schwartz grew up in the Wisconsin/Michigan area and has devoted his life to restoring the health and well-being of his local community. He has a passion to serve all people, especially children.  Dr Schwartz completed his residency in two of the largest natural health care facilities in North America; located in London Ontario and Orlando Florida.

What is our vision?

To change the way healthcare is viewed and delivered across the globe through the implementation of the 5 Essentials of Health.

What is our mission?

To serve the people of Greensboro and the surrounding Triad community with the highest level of natural, holistic health care and to see our community living the 5 Essentials of Maximized Living in their daily lives.